What would a sustainable suburb look like?

The London Borough of Sutton is aiming to be the most sustainable suburb in the capital. The intention is to transform the area into the first One Planet Borough by 2025. To achieve this, the local council will look to:

•Cut carbon emissions
•Reduce waste
•Support the local economy
•Continue to back eco-developments

One of the major things the council will look at is ensuring new homes meet a high standard. In particular they would like every new build to reach level four of the Code for Sustainable Homes. This requires properties to be very energy efficient. Therefore it is excellent for long term sustainability.

What green features could be seen in the Borough?

The great thing about the growing popularity of sustainability and eco-friendly design is that new options are constantly in development. In Hackbridge, a sustainable development in Sutton, there is a district heating system. It is innovative technology and will make the whole area more energy efficient.

On top of the heating there are green features such as roof gardens, landscaping to support bees, bats and birds, and sustainable transport options. Other possible technologies such as living walls and rainwater harvesting could also be popular.


When people consider eco-friendly they generally imagine high initial costs. This can be true in a number of cases, especially when it comes to retrofitting existing properties. The great thing with new builds is the designs can be sustainable from the outset.

A big benefit of Sutton is the Borough is also one of the most affordable in the capital. As a result there are many advantages and sustainability is more achievable within people’s budgets.

The new sustainable homes being created, especially at Hackbridge, could be great investments with potential for long term gains. If you are searching for opportunities for property investment Sutton may have few better options.

Finefair can work with investors who want to purchase properties with long term potential. If you fit this bill please feel free to contact us.