Wembley Park is to become a thriving community

The London Borough of Brent is home to one of the largest regeneration projects in the whole UK. The work to improve Wembley is huge and could result in the creation of up to 11,500 homes and over 10,000 jobs. This would have a massive impact on the area and the local economy.

Wembley Park is one of the most exciting developments in the area. It will completely transform the area, creating new communities and wonderful facilities. Planning permission was secured last year for the project and work began towards the end of the 2017. It will take several years to be completed but the developer, Quintain, is promising progress will be made at a faster rate than has previously been seen.

The sheer scale of this part of the regeneration is huge, easily making it the biggest project for investment properties Brent has seen. As part of the work 5,000 homes for rent are expected to be created. In addition there will be a new primary school, a GP surgery, and new commercial premises.

The transformation of Wembley Park will be incredible for the area. The location was once a large building site with very little sign of future regeneration. Work began by improving the infrastructure in the area, creating the foundations for all kinds of amenities. This allowed the next phase of development to begin and the creation of new communities.

The project had more than a few obstacles to overcome though. From the outset the worry was that Wembley was an area that people visited but didn’t spend much time in. Transforming this and getting people to want to stay required the creation of amenities. This in turn meant that businesses not related to the stadium and arena needed to be attracted to set up. This was accomplished with the creation of the London Designer Outlet and a theatre.

Wembley Park is an incredibly exciting area because it is constantly changing in some way as the regeneration continues. It may be the largest cluster of investment properties Brent has seen but the end result could be even more fantastic than first expected. We will have to wait until the project is finished to see what all of the new communities look like though.