Wandsworth is a very popular residential district

Wandsworth has been transformed in the last twenty years, becoming established as one of the most popular residential districts in not only south west London but the whole of the capital. The industrial buildings along the Thames have been regenerated or demolished and replaced, creating new luxury flats and thriving communities.

The development of Wandsworth has attracted people from all across the capital, including young professionals, families, and even those who would typically favour properties to the north in Fulham and Chelsea. The Borough offers more space, bigger homes, new schools, and even savings on property prices in comparison to established prime areas.

A new town centre is being created in the area and further regeneration is expected. A big part of this will be the work on Ram Brewery. This will see the creation of 660 new homes, commercial spaces, river walks, and public squares. Many of the heritage buildings on the site will be saved during the project.

Although Wandsworth lacks a Tube station it still has good transport connections. In many cases the commute is even better, particularly with the riverside routes. The railway station is well connected and transfers to the Tube can be made at several stops.

The housing mix in Wandsworth is fantastic and caters for all kinds of tastes. Alongside the aforementioned riverside flats are Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses, semis, detached homes, and even cottages.

The popularity of the area and the great array of homes make it a good location for investment properties. At Finefair we support buyers looking to purchase them, offering services such as private lettings, guaranteed rent and council leasing in Wandsworth. We tailor each service to suit the client and always do our utmost to help them select the right strategy.

If you would like to discuss the property scene with us please get in touch. We are here to help and have built a great reputation thanks to the quality, personalised services we offer.