Wandsworth has plenty of interesting stories to tell

At Finefair we specialise in property management in Wandsworth, helping investors to keep their assets in the perfect condition. We can look after a huge array of different properties, from family homes to flats, blocks and even estates. We tailor services to suit any requirement and always maximise professionalism.

Over our years of working in the area we have learned a lot about it, including some remarkable details that not everybody knows. Wandsworth definitely has some fantastic stories to tell and we’re happy to share them. They may inspire more people to want to live in the area.

The 1647 Putney Debates at St. Mary the Virgin Church had a huge impact on the UK and even the US. They set out many of the rights that modern democracy is built on, including one man/one vote, power residing with an elected parliament, and equality before the law.

Tooting is one of the most popular destinations to live in Wandsworth. It offers plenty of attractions, including large parks, and has good transport links too. Surprisingly there is a 28km crater on Mars named after the area. Pete Mouginis-Mark, a local resident and planetary expert, gave the crater its name when he discovered it.

Wandsworth Bridge roundabout has four underpasses that have a distinct feeling of a dystopian London. One of them was used as a set during the filming of the Stanley Kubrick move A Clockwork Orange. It’s not certain which of the four was used but many believe it to be the southern one.

The Borough of Wandsworth is home to England’s, and maybe even the world’s, oldest public railway. The nine mile Surrey Ironworks Railway opened in 1803 and stretched to Merstham in Surrey. The route was not for passengers or even trains though; horses drew carts along the track, carrying products such as coal, building materials, and corn. It closed in 1846 following the success of steam-powered locomotives.

As you can see the area has plenty going for it. Our team at Finefair understand this and love providing the information to people looking to live in the area. We put the same amount of passion and effort into our services too; that is why we are number one for property management in Wandsworth.