Waltham Forest’s diverse and youthful community

North east London is home to one of the most fantastic Boroughs in the capital, the Borough of Waltham Forest. The area has quite a reputation to boast about, as it’s not only known for its excellent living, but for being one of the six locations that hosted the 2012 Olympics. So if you’re having difficulty deciding on where to settle down, then this may be just the destination for you.

The Borough of Waltham Forest has worked wonders in attracting young residents. It possesses a younger than average population, with a total of 22% of occupants falling into the 0 to 15 age group, compared to the national average of 19%. The area also has an exceptional proportion of young working-age adults who are aged from 25 to 49. This is 43% of the population, while the average nationally is 34%. Proportionately, fewer people aged 50 and over live in the Borough.

Diversity is another huge factor in Waltham Forest, with an increase that is nothing short of impressive. From the 2001 to 2011 Census, the White British/Irish resident proportion fell considerably from 58% to 38%, with the number of every other ethnic group increasing.

Even in terms of religion, diversity has made its mark on the faithful community. Christianity remains the main religion, but around a quarter of residents identify as Muslim. Secular persons have also seen a small rise in the Borough, with roughly 15 to 18% of residents identifying themselves as such.

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