Victorian cottages are attractive to many buyers

Victorian cottages can be found all across London. These quaint homes have a lot of character and tend to possess a very similar layout. In many parts of the capital these properties are highly sought by first time buyers and renters who want a cosy home.

The surprising thing about the cottages is that many of them were built during the housing crisis in the Victorian era. Industrialisation in the 19th century resulted in the creation of many factories and amenities such as railways and sewer lines. All of these required people to work on them. Housing was needed to accommodate them and worker’s cottages were the solution. The size and relatively simple layout meant they could be built quickly.

Although the properties can come with a number of potential issues, including shallow pitched roofs, the front door opening on to the living room, and the bathroom downstairs, they are popular with many people. There are plenty of chances for improvements with these properties. First time buyers in particular love them because they are freehold and provide more privacy than flats. Downsizers who don’t want an apartment also love them.

Kingston Upon Thames has a number of attractive worker’s cottages. The fact the area was suburban until the coming of the railway means many of the homes were owned by farmers. The development of local amenities and the transformation of fields into new housing estates led to the creation of more cottages.

The growing popularity of Kingston Upon Thames means plenty of people are looking for the perfect Victorian cottage. Generally the most highly sought are in KT2 because it is closer to Richmond Park. KT1 is gaining ground though because it is close to Surbiton and its station. This offers more amenities and trains to Central London.

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