Uniting to develop more homes

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Recently, Havering Council announced a joint venture with Wates Residential. It will see the creation of 3,000 new homes. Over the next 12 to 15 years, 12 council estates shall undergo regeneration to meet this goal. The number of rental homes shall rise by 70%. In total there will be 400 low-cost homes for sale.

This deal with Wates Residential means the total number of homes will rise from 856 to 3,112. The amount of affordable housing on the estates will also double. Phase one shall begin at Romford’s Waterloo Estate and Rainham’s New Plymouth Estate. Three areas in Hornchurch, Serena, Solar and Sunrise Court, are also included. The work on all sites will begin in 2019.

Other developments

There are other areas on the Estate Regeneration Programme too. The proposal includes the demolition as well as the redevelopment of Cranham’s Brunswick Court. This will create sheltered housing. Romford’s Oldchurch Gardens shall see a complete regeneration. Finally, the council will reshape Gidea Park’s Jubilee Court into a village for older residents.

In total, Havering Council expects the social value from the project’s first phase to be worth roughly £6.8 million. The council is also confident that their deal with Wates will aid them in realising their future vision for the Borough.

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