Understanding the rental market in Barnet and guaranteed rent

There are many interesting statistics and facts about the wonderful London Borough of Barnet. One which always seems to shine is the high proportion of owner occupied properties there are in the area. Some 67% of households fall into this category – a ratio which makes it one of the highest in the UK entire as well as just in respect of London.

The high proportion of owner occupiers makes many think that a number of our property management services would not be relevant to this market, in particular guaranteed rent. Barnet investors know, however, that this is not the case.

Many associate our guaranteed rent and council leasing services with areas that have a much higher percentage of leased households. It’s certainly true that we are highly active in such London Boroughs, but we would not say that it is to an extent which is either more or less active than is the case with a region such as Barnet. When property owners and investors come to us for our services, it is normally due to our outstanding reputation and record across the whole of London rather than in just one specific area.

The fact that Barnet has such a high percentage of owner occupied households should not mislead you into thinking there’s a lack of demand for rented accommodation in the area. This London Borough has the same high demand levels as can be found across the capital city.

In terms of gaining the greatest advantage from these market conditions, many property owners do not have time or resources required. We can help you achieve it though with our professional services.

As one of the organisations at the forefront of introducing guaranteed rent in Barnet and the whole of London we’ve always made sure we remain the best to do business with. The agreements we create put the priority on making sure you get the greatest level of return on investment possible. This approach has led to the success which has seen us come to be the people trusted by both property owners and the authorities of the London Boroughs.