Two incredibly valuable streets in Richmond Upon Thames

Lloyds recently released their most recent list of the most expensive streets in England and Wales. Some of the usual suspects claimed places at the top, including renowned streets in Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster. Further down the list though two streets from Richmond Upon Thames found their way on to the list.

The Green claimed the 17th spot with an average house price of £3.7million. The area has a lot to offer, reflected in the value of the homes. Most incredibly there is a lot of history. The location was once renowned as Henry VII’s jousting ground. Numerous bouts and feasts were held here, giving it a wonderful past.

The area is very green and leafy. It is also home to some amazing architecture. As one of the oldest parts of Richmond it is no surprise to find Georgian homes with a mix of Queen Anne style ones. This makes it very picturesque.

The second location in Richmond to make the top twenty list of most expensive streets is Ham Common. It secured the 18th place with an average house price of £3.6million. The unique selling point is how quiet the village is. It has avoided large scale development because the railway never extended to the area. As a result it remains very idyllic. The homes are mainly Georgian but there are also pockets of newer properties.

Naturally properties in both areas are very highly prized and there is always demand. In fact in 2013 a house on the Green belonging to Richard Attenborough was sold for over £10million.

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