The reasons to consider Rayners Lane

Harrow is one of the outer Boroughs that have enjoyed a big jump in popularity and prices in recent years. It is a location with lots to offer and plenty of potential for additional growth in values. This makes it good for investors and buyers looking for a home for themselves.

Rayners Lane is one of the most attractive districts in the Borough. It is suburban and situated in an attractive location to the west of Harrow itself. Surprisingly the area has a lot of amenities to offer, particularly a number of shops and restaurants. There is also Roxbourne Park to provide green open space and facilities such as a children’s playground.

The local Tube station is a major reason the area is growing to be one of the most popular for property investment Harrow has. It is served by both the Metropolitan and Piccadilly Lines. This provides connections to all of London and beyond.

There has been a lot of regeneration in Rayners Lane over the last few years. A £140million regeneration in 2016 was praised for delivering an incredible ROI. In fact, official research revealed it could have returned £10 for every £1 invested.

This regeneration brought big change to a local housing estate. The Rayners Lane estate had a number of problems, including issues with management and the condition. The project to redevelop it included demolishing 539 homes. They were replaced by 800 new higher quality ones, shops, business spaces, and community facilities. The work was well regarded, improving opinions of the area dramatically.

Investors and buyers looking for new flats should have a look at Rayners Lane. As we said, the area is one of the most popular for property investment Harrow has to offer. The Finefair team can help people looking to buy. We are highly experienced and offer an array of services to suit different property goals.

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