The interesting development of Belmont in Sutton

Belmont is one of the most suburban settings in the London Borough of Sutton. It is just a single stop to the south of the principal town in the area, ensuring that there are good amenities close by. The extra distance to the south puts residents closer to the countryside, thus the quieter nature of the village.

The extra distance to the south also means that Belmont benefits from cheaper house prices. This is attractive to property seekers, especially because they can still reach Victoria Station in the city centre via the local train station in around 50 minutes. This is not an unreasonable distance for commuters.

One of the most interesting things about the village is what drove the development. It initially grew because of the close proximity to Banstead Hospital. The hospital opened in 1877 as an asylum and offered accommodation for up to 1,700 patients. This number grew over the years, reaching over 2,500 at several points. The hospital was largely self sufficient, featuring farming land, workshops, and gasworks.

With such a large hospital in the area demand for houses nearby was high. This helped to develop the village at Belmont. Although Banstead Hospital closed in 1986 the former site did not remain vacant for long. It was ultimately developed to create two prisons. This meant demand for homes nearby remained good.

The area is attractive in particular because of the green open spaces on offer. There are allotments in the village centre as well as recreational grounds with sports facilities. Banstead Commons to the south is a particular highlight. It is home to a number of scientifically significant habitats due to the chalk downland. This gives it a unique appearance and attracts interesting wildlife.

With the current market and investors looking for value in outer Boroughs, Belmont is an interesting option. At Finefair we can help anyone looking to make an investment here, even if they are considering something on the large scale. We are renowned for offering the best quality block management Sutton landlords could ask for. As a result we are perfectly placed to help.

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