The Haringey Heartland Development

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Haringey is one borough that’s currently in the middle of an exciting transformation. At the heart of this is the work at Haringey Heartland. This is a residential project that’s focusing on community. Property developer St William has also opened Hornsey Park Place up. The park is the initial stage of Clarendon N8, a new mixed-use structure.

What is Clarendon N8?

The 12-acre site will soon become a creative space. Workers and residents alike shall be able to take advantage of it. Firstly, Clarendon will offer housing for many people. There shall be more than 1,500 one, two, and three bedroom and studio apartments. Moreover, it’ll generate more than 100,000 square feet of commercial space. This shall sit side-by-side with appealing green space.

The goal with this project is to foster community engagement. Additionally, the development will supply more services and amenities.

The project shall include a crèche, swimming pool, and gym. There are already multiple social spots, including locales for street events and festivals. You can find playgrounds in the area as well. Within Clarendon Yards, the favoured Street Feast now hosts pop-up food markets. With amenities like this, the area will remain active for long hours.

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