The happiest areas in London

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A number of different things can influence how happy people are. The ONS recently did a survey to measure personal well-being across the UK. Four key indicators were measured; life satisfaction, anxiety, worthwhile life, and happiness.

Sutton was one of the top areas in London. It got the highest score for life satisfaction as well as leading a worthwhile life. In addition it was above the UK average in terms of happiness.

Only one area had a higher score in the survey than Sutton. Harrow was the happiest Borough overall. It also had the lowest anxiety level in the capital. This could be because it is an outer area with lots of green space.

Why is anxiety high in London?

One of the most worrying discoveries in the survey was that people in the capital struggle with anxiety and low happiness. There could be a number of reasons for this. The most likely is the high house prices and cost of living.

In London the ratio of earnings to house prices is much higher than the rest of the UK. For the whole of Britain it is 7.9, meaning people pay almost 8 times their earnings to buy a home. In the capital the average is 13.9. There are some areas where it is much higher. For example it is an astonishing 29 in Kensington and Chelsea.

Sutton is below the London average for this ratio. At 11 times local incomes locals have more chances to buy homes. The average house price here is £460,400, a third less than the average for the whole city. As a result an impressive 68% of people own their homes.

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