The best schools attract home buyers

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One of the primary driving forces of the housing market is education. Some families contemplate moving to a certain catchment area when their children are just seven. This way, their children have the opportunity to get places at the best schools.

Higher prices in London

London based parents must pay more to purchase a home in the catchment area of the leading state schools. The price is generally 15% more than comparable houses in the neighbouring areas.

The Happy Homes Guide has disclosed the identities of the top boroughs for well-regarded secondary schools. This guide rates schools in 20 boroughs. They base their assessment on the percentage of pupils that have gained grade 5 or better in Maths and English. In total, Barnet has ten schools within the top 50 list. It also has three schools in the top 5. St Michael’s Grammar School is the first. The second is Queen Elizabeth’s School. Finally, there is The Henrietta Barnet School.

Ashmole Academy

In particular, the guide highlighted Ashmole Academy. This is a 1,500-pupil institution in Barnet. Its focus is on music and academic studies. More than 97% of the 2016 leavers either remained in education or secured employment. Ashmole has plans to open its own primary school as well.

Top schools like this captivate potential buyers and bring them to the area. There is also the fact that Barnet is a cheaper alternative to Muswell Hill, which is close by.

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