The right tenants are essential for harmonious HMOs

With more and more people sharing houses and flats in London, the quest to secure a room in a multiple occupancy building is becoming increasingly competitive. When trying to bag the room of their choice, a large number of potential renters are facing interviews with landlords, property owners and other occupants. The survey by Easy Roommate highlights the kind of people that are likely to secure the room they want and the character traits that are preferred by established landlords and existing tenants.

Londoners tend to favour a good sense of humour and responsibility above other traits, and more than 70% of the people surveyed said they considered job type, religious beliefs, political views and relationship status to be irrelevant.

If you are new to multiple occupancy management or you have invested in an HMO property, we can assist you with full management support and help you secure the right kind of tenants who will have a sense of responsibility towards the property and its other residents. Successful shared housing typically consists of tenants that enjoy being sociable, but also respect the privacy of the other occupants.

If you already have a multiple occupancy property and a tenant leaves, we know that you will be keen to find a replacement and quickly restore the balance. Look for people that are willing to keep the place in good condition and are in a suitable position to pay the rent on time. Also, weigh up the kind of tenants that currently live in the property and consider who will be a good match for them and vice versa. There is little point in accepting a new tenant with a lifestyle that largely contrasts with that of your existing renters, as it can lead to issues and an inharmonious environment.

We can help with multiple occupancy property management in Bexley and across the rest of London, ensure your HMO property has the right kind of tenants. We assist a wide range of landlords, developers and investors and our comprehensive management support ensures trouble-free arrangements, successful tenancies and the best possible investment returns. We have vast experience in all aspects of multiple occupancy properties and we have helped many landlords turn their properties into lucrative hostels and HMOs.