Supporting your Westminster investment

The City of Westminster is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the capital and the whole of the UK. These include Buckingham Palace, 10 Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament, and the Abbey. These amenities are fantastic for residents, putting them in close proximity to unique, attractive, highly valued leisure opportunities.

Living in the Borough can be a very expensive prospect with Westminster typically only following Kensington and Fulham in the race to be the most valuable area. The money can secure a home in an attractive, period property though. Rental fees in the area are also very high, presenting potentially lucrative opportunities for landlords.

The landmarks in Westminster may be one of the biggest selling points but the most attractive aspect of living in the area is the transport links. The borough has a strong infrastructure in place to cater for the needs of residents and the huge number of tourists that visit on a daily basis. The area is served by 27 tube stations, 4 major railway stations, bus services, trams, and has excellent roads for cars and bikes.

Over the last few years the City of Westminster has undergone some big changes. Traditionally the area was known for being quiet and reserved, attracting a very specific crowd as a result. This changed a great deal though with the arrival of creative companies, particularly from the media world. The new vibrancy saw a number of fashionable bars and restaurants opening. As a result the area has a much different feel now.

There are some immensely high valued postcodes in the borough, especially those with views of landmarks and the riverside. Amongst these there are a number of large Victorian mansions. Some of them remain single homes whereas others have been converted into apartments. There are also a number of new builds.

If you are considering buying a property in Westminster, whether as your home or an investment, Finefair can offer help and advice. We are passionate about the property market, providing a variety of services including management, guaranteed rent and council leasing in Greenwich, Westminster and all other London boroughs.