Styling tips for upmarket rental properties

The luxury rental market in London continues to thrive even with prices at the top experiencing a slip. People are still looking to rent luxurious properties in high profile areas, including Camden and Westminster. The demand means that the homes need to stand out though; an attractive, stylish property will be more likely to catch the eye of prospective tenants.

At Finefair we have gained a lot of experience in our pursuit of becoming the best name for property management Camden has. Here we would like to offer some tips about how landlords and investors can make their properties stand out.

Choose an appealing style

Decorating and interior design styles can change rapidly. Trying to keep up is difficult and could result in big expenses if you want to keep changing. A better option is to choose a style that will appeal to the widest possible audience. Ensure it suits the property and don’t push your own personal tastes.

Think about brightness

Neutral backdrops may work with more furnishings and decorations but they can make a property look boring if there is nothing bright to contrast with. Try using splashes of colour to add depth to spaces. Be careful if you choose oversized bright furnishings though; they can overpower a space.

Keep it clean

All rental properties should be clean and well presented. In the luxury market this is even more important. You should be taking care of all the fine details, from ensuring carpets are free of stains to appliances are clean and sparkling. The investment to get everything up to a high standard will pay off.

Keep the bathroom and kitchen up to date

An outdated bathroom or kitchen can quickly put prospective tenants off. Although it can be a big investment you should ensure that both rooms are up to a high, contemporary standard. After-all these spaces are big selling points, particularly in the luxury sector.

If you would like help from the leading team for property management Camden has please contact us. We can offer useful advice like the tips above as well as professional services to ensure that properties are attractive and appealing to tenants.