Students still love London

Students are one market that landlords can target to earn really great returns. There may be a fast turnaround with only short tenancies but people really value being in areas with lots of amenities. While the turnover may create concerns about voids, high quality homes won’t be empty for long. The key to this is managing the assets with care. We just so happen to offer the highest quality property management City of London investors can ask for.

Back in May QS produced a ranking of the top 30 student cities in the world. The city with the best rating this year was London. The UK capital has plenty of great things to offer. This includes being home to several quality universities, being diverse and also offering lots of culture. The fact that the city is international is great and attracts students from all over the world.


The one area where London didn’t score highly was how affordable it is. The city is notorious for the cost of living. As a result, this can create lots of challenges for students on a budget.

Wealthy overseas students can find lots of great opportunities in London. Firstly there are plenty of developments of new high quality apartments, many in attractive central areas. The over-supply means lots of chances to save on prices if families with students heading to university want to buy.

Global cities

There are plenty of other good cities on the list. Tokyo came second because it is desirable, safe, and offers good quality of life. Melbourne (Australia), Montreal (Canada), Paris (France), Munich and Berlin (Germany), all score highly. Surprisingly only two US cities, New York and Boston, made it on to the list.

Finefair appreciates that some landlords are a little worried about students. With a reliable team taking on the management they can rest easy though. It all comes down to being proactive with maintenance. We arrange our services to ensure we keep homes in great condition. This makes us the company to work with if you want the highest standards of property management City of London has to offer.

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