A strong statement from the mayor of London

The new mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, exercised his power recently to protect Green Belt land in Bromley. Plans had been submitted that would have seen two blocks of flats and a football stadium built on a site in the Borough. The mayor stepped in to issue the block because of the status of the land and the fact that there was no plan for the homes that were being created to be designated as affordable housing.

The mayor has been in office since May 2016 and has already set out his stance on protecting Green Belt land and supporting the creation of affordable housing. The block on the plans for Bromley show that developments will be under more scrutiny now than they were under the previous administration. During that eight year tenure Boris Johnson only intervened to prevent planning permission on five occasions.

Bromley Council responded to the move by releasing a statement reaffirming its support for protecting Green Belt land. They stated that the plans had been approved because of the special circumstances and pointed to their track record as evidence of their support of conservation.

The block sends a strong message to developers targeting London. They will need to plan very carefully, ensuring they consider the status of the land they own and the impact that plans will have on the wider environment. On top of this they will also have to look close at affordable housing and ensure they are working to satisfy the needs of the market.

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