We specialise is all services relating to guaranteed rent in Barnet

Here at Finefair we are the specialists when it comes to providing guaranteed rent schemes and have been successfully delivering reliable property management to investors and landlords for over ten years. We could never exaggerate the value of experience and we want to assure all our potential clients that we are in possession of all the necessary expertise it takes to provide the highest quality service possible.

Our guaranteed rent in Barnet and other boroughs throughout London has simply become the preferred choice with all landlords and investors as the service is so comprehensive. When you sign up for guaranteed rent with us you will find yourself instantly alleviated of all stress and worry. Within 24 hours your first payment will reach your bank account and we ensure each months rental payment will be delivered regularly and on time. Should your property ever stand empty your payments will continue and that is part of our promise to provide premium service.

All the responsibilities that come with management of a property will transfer to us the second your participation in the scheme begins. We seek out suitable tenants, secure finances and arrange regular property inspections. Even though we will always carry out rigorous referencing when it comes to potential tenants life is not without unpredictability and should any damage ever occur or disputes arise we will manage all repairs and bring all issues to a professional and agreeable conclusion.

It is our aim to provide you with the freedom to devote your time to your other important commitments and the comfort of knowing your investment is in the best hands possible. We appreciate that you make a substantial financial commitment when you invest in property and we do not take that lightly. Our success is an extension of your success and that motivation is what drives us to be the very best. Furthermore we provide this wide ranging and supreme service completely FREE of charge. We take care of everything for you and you will never pay a penny in bills or commission fees.

Our outstanding scheme is available for as little as six months or as long as ten years. The period of time is entirely up to you and whenever you decide to end your participation in the scheme your property will be waiting for you in the same condition it was in at commencement. Our guaranteed rent in Barnet covers every aspect of property leasing and ensures smooth running all the way.