Southwark Council has issued fines to many landlords since February

In a previous article we wrote about Southwark Council taking steps to curb the number of for sale and to let advertising boards being left up across the Borough. The scheme launched on February 1st was designed to restrict the time a board could remain up to ensure it didn’t become a distraction.

In the first two months of the scheme Southwark Council issued 49 £100 fixed penalty notices (FPNs). By the end of the first week of April, 21 of these had been paid and 4 were being appealed against. The remaining 24 are still outstanding.

Southwark Council is enforcing the rule that advertising boards can remain up for 14 days once a property has been sold. They must then be taken down or they are in breach of planning regulations and liable for the an FPN.

The regulations also state what dimensions the sign can be and how they can be placed. They must be no larger than 0.5 metres square if it is a single board. If two are attached together they can be up to 0.6 metres square. Boards can be placed up to a height of 4.6 metres. They cannot be physically attached to listed properties either.

When a board is up for more than 14 days a written warning is issued. If no action is taken following this the fixed penalty is charged. The £100 can be halved if payment is made quickly, similar to with parking fines.

The National Association for Estate Agents is in support of Southwark Council’s stance. They believe that agents should follow best practice guidelines at all times and not use boards as advertising materials once a property is sold or let.

At Finefair we provide this advice to investors so they don’t find themselves liable for fines when they market their investment properties in Southwark. We want clients to make the best returns for their assets, not be at risk of encountering additional costs.

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