Solutions for empty properties in Sutton

The London Borough of Sutton is well located and offers a number of attractions for residents. Amongst these are the fantastic prices, particularly in comparison to other areas in the capital. There is a lot of value to be found and the fact that the area is in Outer London also means there is plenty of space to enjoy.

The Borough attracts a large number of buyers and renters thanks to the conditions mentioned above. Even with this there are still a number of empty properties in the area. The local Council is working hard to find a solution to this, offering extensive support for landlords, particularly owners of residential properties. The aim is to utilise suitable houses for private sector housing rather than wasting the resources.

To achieve this aim the Council has an array of powers at their disposal. One of the things they can do is offer grants to help improve the condition of properties and make them habitable so they can be returned to the market as rentals. Alongside this they can allow people to rent their properties with a local authority. This offers a range of benefits including a reduced workload and guarantees on rental income, tenancy and condition management.

You can find out more about the powers the Council has and apply for grants via their website. There is useful information and you can contact them directly with the site if you have any questions or need extra help.

If the prospect of council leasing is attractive you can find out more by contacting us. At Finefair we have a long standing relationship with the London Borough of Sutton and can help to arrange a solution for all kinds of landlords. We are a reliable, long serving property specialist and have the reputation to back it up.

We invite property owners to get in touch with us if they need any help at all. Our helpful team will address your requirements and offer solutions, guiding you in the best course of action for your interests. We support council leasing because it makes a positive impact on an area and reduces the risk of empty properties falling victim of vandalism, squatting and deterioration.