The first social housing project in Enfield for 40 years is nearing completion

Dujardin Mews, the initial phase of the huge Ponders End Regeneration Project, is due to be completed in February 2017. It is the first social housing to be built in the London Borough of Enfield in almost 40 years. The project will create 38 affordable homes, including a mixture of townhouses, maisonettes and flats.

The project has developed a lot of interest because of the incredible high standard of the work and the fact that the Borough has been directly involved in the creation of the properties. Karakusevic Carson Architects were brought in to do the designing and have created something truly special.

One of the things that really makes the development stand out is the commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. The homes all have efficient heating and water systems as well as featuring solar panels. All three combine to make the homes economical to run. On top of this efforts have been made to drive down waste by promoting reuse and recycling of materials.

On top of this it has been used as a training opportunity for students looking to enter the construction trade in the future. A close partnership with the College of North East London (CONEL) has allowed groups of students to receive onsite training at Dujardin Mews since July 2016. This has helped to better their education.

The Dujardin Mews project showcases how successful a London Borough can be when it chooses the right form of property investment. The high quality homes are designated as social housing and will help to ease the pressure put on Enfield to find homes for people on the waiting list.

At Finefair we keep an eye out for all kinds of property investment in Enfield so we can provide the best advice for our clients. From creating new social housing to regenerating commercial buildings and building homes, all projects can have an impact on the market. This means that landlords, prospective buyers and investors should be kept up to speed. We try to do just that for our clients.