So many things to do in Kingston

Finefair has a reputation as the best team for property management Kingston Upon Thames has to offer. After serving here for so many years we are confident we have a good understanding of the area. As a result we can help our clients to determine the right investment strategy for their properties. We can also offer useful advice about things like amenities, attractions, and the kind of tenants they may deal with.

Changes in Kingston

The area has a very diverse history. It was formerly mainly marshland due to the close proximity to the Thames. The location offered some big advantages though, becoming a bustling port. In World War I the Sopwith factory was vital to the production of aircraft. Over 16,000 planes were produced for the military. Sadly the company went into liquidation in 1920.

Nowadays it is hard to imagine the industrial heritage of Kingston. The area is a hotspot for tourists and also home to countless restaurants and bars. The local parks make it very green and the suburban setting means lots of peace and quiet.


Residents and visitors have plenty of fantastic attractions to take advantage of. Below are some of the things you shouldn’t miss out on.

The Rose Theatre

The theatre is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2018. In the last decade it has been host to a number of fantastic productions, welcoming a number of noteworthy theatre companies, directors and stars. The building is based on the original Elizabethan theatre and has a wonderful auditorium that can be both intimate and sizeable.

The architecture

There are plenty of other stunning buildings in Kingston and notable features. All Saints Church is a particular highlight. A walking tour can reveal many surprises. For example did you know the stone pineapples you can see on many buildings actually symbolise a greeting?

A river tour

As we mentioned the close proximity to the Thames has been vital to the development of Kingston. You can choose to walk along the banks and enjoy the scenery or take a boat tour. The latter is great fun and can also include some history.

Finefair appreciates why so many people love the area. This can provide great opportunities for investors. We are happy to arrange reliable property management Kingston Upon Thames landlords will appreciate. Simply contact us if you have any questions.