The smaller the home the more important the design

Mapleton Crescent is proving to be one of the most popular Pocket Living developments in the whole of London. The apartment building has won numerous plaudits for the quality of the design and the housing on offer. The 27 storey modular tower was the largest residential building of its type when construction began on it in 2016. It was also the first development by Pocket in Wandsworth.

Attention is again on Mapleton Crescent with homes set to go on sale soon. The first thing that grabs the eye is the pleated green terracotta facade. This gives the building a natural look, a fantastic aesthetic touch considering the location between a park, river, and Southside Shopping Centre.

Stepping inside the modern two and three bedroom apartments you can see why the awards and praise continue to roll in. The designs maximise the space available with clever bespoke joinery. The homes are designed to be flexible so they can adapt to different lifestyles. This means that even though they are small, the properties don’t feel restricting.

Another fantastic thing about the development is the careful balance between private and social living. Although all of the apartments have an external space such as a balcony and winter garden, there are still shared facilities to enjoy. Interestingly there is a residents’ lounge and roof terrace on the 25th floor.

The developers have also tried to encourage people to be more conscientious in terms of travel and their carbon footprint. There is ample parking space available for bicycles, encouraging residents to opt for two wheels instead of four. This is more viable because there are so many leisure and shopping facilities close by.

At Finefair we always love seeing well designed residential blocks getting the attention they deserve. As a leading provider of estate management Wandsworth clients can call on to look after their properties with care, we know what it takes to achieve high standards. Although larger developments do require more work, owners can find great economies of scale working with a single, highly experienced management team.

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