Sign your property up for a guaranteed rent scheme

If you have recently purchased a new property, or if you have an investment property but not the time to manage it and take care of financial matters by yourself, you should consider taking part in a rent guarantee scheme. These schemes are very popular among landlords who are wishing to enjoy all the benefits that come with a steady income from rent, without the hassle that comes with the upkeep of a property.

Many companies are jumping on board to offer this type of scheme; however, not all are equipped with the support and infrastructure in place to deliver it well. We are a leading provider of property services in London and throughout the rest of the UK. With our many years of activity in this sector we have built valuable professional relationships with various organisations, local authorities, and our clients. This has enabled us to continuously provide a wide scope of solutions to both our clients and our partners.

When you sign your property up for a guaranteed rent scheme with our company, you can rest assured that the operation will go smoothly throughout the entire period you’ve chosen. We offer from 1 to 10 years of monthly income, whether it is occupied or not. As soon as you sign the flat, house, studio, of block of flats up, you will start earning rent from the very next day.

Contact one of our friendly advisers today, and find out how you can transform your previous property into a secure source of income for up to 10 years. Our schemes come complete with property, block or estate management in Camden, Brent, Bexley and the rest of the capital so you can be sure everything is taken care of for the entire term.