New changes seek to improve living in Redbridge

London is home to many Boroughs and all of them possess their own unique charm. Found in the North-East of the capital, Redbridge is one such and is known far and wide, not only throughout the city, but the country as well as the ‘leafy suburb’. The area is the perfect place for anyone who would like a bit of green in their new neighbourhood.

In recent weeks, consultations relating to Redbridge Council’s property licensing scheme had taken place. The council has hoped that by introducing selective licensing into houses that are rented by single families, it will be able to protect tenants from both anti-social behaviour and terrible housing states.

If the current plans are put into effect, the proposed scheme would affect landlords situated in 14 wards. The wards in question can be found in Redbridge, Church End Fairlop and various other locations. Each and every ward was chosen because they boast a higher than average amount of private rented properties.

While concerns about anti-social acts and bad housing conditions have been brought up too, licensing the properties will allow the Council to know precisely who manages them. This way, they can enforce civic pride objectives more effectively, leading to much better lives for the residents of the areas.

At Finefair our job is to work with both tenants and landlords to ensure that they are both getting what they need from properties in Redbridge. With our property services, including block management and guaranteed rent schemes in place, you are certain to find what it is you’re looking for.

Our extensive knowledge of the Borough means that we are always aware of the latest changes and hotspots when it comes to housing, both for purchase and rental. We don’t want anything more than for you to be satisfied with your new home, so rest assured that we will do everything possible to make sure that you receive nothing but the best.