The security of council leasing

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, there’s a significant shortage of housing in London at the moment. Many of the solutions put forward to address this issue are not ideal. These include London borough councils buying properties, or attempting to relocate people far away from the areas they want and need to be in. Whilst there is some merit in these two concepts, they are ultimately expensive and only serve to move the problem somewhere else rather than resolving it.

Our approach is to help the situation through assisting property owners with council leasing in Redbridge and across all other boroughs. London property owners do not necessarily want to sell in order to gain a return on their investment, but they do want security when it comes to renting or leasing. We are a preferred supplier of services to the London boroughs, and we can provide you with this security. With us, councils are able to get access to the properties they need, and property owners have the security of expert property management, along with the assurance of guaranteed rent.

With London being the most in-demand city for property in the world at the moment, values are increasing. In this respect, it makes little business sense for councils to incur huge expenditure by purchasing property, or for owners to give up on an appreciating asset. When councils have fixed term use of a property, they will be able to provide housing for people who need it. On the other side of this, there are distinct advantages for property owners when they use our council leasing services. They gain a fixed rate and term of income, and they know their building is being professionally managed and maintained throughout the duration of the agreement.

Our status a preferred supplier of services means that both councils and property owners trust us. We presently represent properties in London valued in the hundreds of millions of pounds, providing all professional management services and preferential rates of return on investment. If you are a London property owner – whether it’s a single flat or an extensive portfolio – we are the people who can ensure they are managed properly and bring you the financial returns you should be getting.