Secure council leasing and guaranteed rent in London

If you are a property investors looking to get the best possible terms and conditions for council leasing, it is essential to work with professional property managers. Our company is proud to have a long term track record for delivering this service to investors. We have many years of experience working with all London Boroughs, which means that we are the preferential choice for delivering excellent returns from council leasing.

When a property portfolio owner appoints us, they gain access to the finest property management services available in London. We focus equally on ensuring the highest possible returns are achieved, and we make sure that the property is well maintained and managed. You only have to work with us rather than several different companies to get everything done. Using our service saves you the single most precious resource you have – your time.

Through Finefair, your property can become part of the council leasing market on terms which are preferential for you. We acting on your behalf and exclusively in your interests, for the time period you want to lease your property for. We will also negotiate the fairest and highest market related level of yield from the property.

Many property owners are nervous about entering the council leasing market due to one or two bad stories in the press. We understand the concerns. However, in all cases of something going wrong with council leasing property it has turned out that inexperienced or non-professional individuals and bodies have been responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the premises. This is not the case with us. We have long been established as the leading provider of property management in the capital, and our services are always provided to those who use us to arrange either council leasing or guaranteed rent agreements. When we are looking after your property, you can be sure that all maintenance matters will be addressed, with the focus on making sure the property always retains its good condition and value.

The London property market is dynamic and a sector of the economy where it’s possible to achieve great rewards and returns. However, to gain these rewards, it’s important to appoint property managers who both understand the market and know how to maintain buildings to the highest standards. We have proved, time and again, to be the best choice for both. Contact us now to discuss council leasing in Hackney and the rest of London.