A new secondary school that will benefit the Hounslow community

Earlier in August it was revealed that plans for a new secondary school for Hounslow have been accepted by the local council. The Bolder Academy now has planning permission and will offer 900 new places at full capacity for students when it is finished.

The school will be based at three sites in Hounslow; Osterley, North Isleworth, and Brentford. It will be multi-faith and mixed gender, offering opportunities for a broad selection of local students.

The initial idea was to have the school open by September 2017. Unfortunately there were problems with securing a site for the temporary building. As a result the academy will be delayed a year, opening in September 2018 instead. It will move to a permanent home in 2020.

As well as secondary education a plan is in place to offer post-16 for 250 students who want to continue studying. A specialist centre will also be created on the site, offering Special Education opportunities for 25 children.

The design for the school shows how it can become a centre for the community. As well as classes for children the building will be designed so that sections can be used out of hours. These will include classrooms for adult education and sports facilities for community use.

The new school will enrich the area and could attract more families to Hounslow. This in turn would help to stimulate the property market further, offering opportunities for landlords and sellers.

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