Saving an iconic modernist building in Haringey

Hornsey Town Hall is renowned for being the very first major building in the UK to be built in the modernist architectural style. The RIBA award winning design is unique, marking a big step away from the symmetry that was favoured by traditional English designs. The layout makes the most of the unusual shape of the site.

The Town Hall was completed in 1935 and was home to the local council offices until 1966. Following reformation these services were moved and the building fell into disuse. Plans have been revealed over the years to redevelop the building but there have been a number of problems. The property has Grade II* listed status and sits in a conservation area.

Recently a new plan to restore the building and create new flats on the site was revealed. It split opinion in the local area. Some backed the plan because it would preserve the property whereas others considered the impact the development would have on the area. Haringey Council ultimately granted planning permission for the restoration. This means that work on the site can begin and is expected to be complete in 2020.

The 1.3 hectare site will become home to 146 flats in a seven storey building. Just 11 of these will be available as affordable homes. This was one of the contentious points but the developer pointed at the difficulties in securing the future of Hornsey Town Hall as part of the project. They also claimed that the flats will be marketed in the UK.

One of the major reasons the Council’s planning committee granted permission was that Historic England gave their backing to the restoration. It will also offer new homes in an area where demand is very high.

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