Russian investors making record profits on London properties

The changing values of world currency makes a huge difference for investors who choose to purchase property overseas, determining how much of a profit they make. As an example, Russian investors who own luxury properties in London in sought-after areas such as Kensington and Chelsea are currently at a huge advantage. London’s property market continues to expand and grow, while the Russian rouble continues to get weaker due to political tensions in the country. This means that Russian investors who own properties in the British capital are experiencing amazing returns and have seen the values of their London properties soar over the last few years.

According to a report by brokers Frank Knight, Russian investors who who purchased central London properties in the first few months of 2013 saw the value of their investments rise by 34% in the first few months of this year. As a comparison, British investors saw a profit of 7.5% on their London properties in the same time period – that’s an amazing difference. You can read more about this here.