The most rural part of London?

North Ockendon has the honour of being the most outlying settlement in Greater London. The village is situated in the Metropolitan Green Belt and is the only area considered part of the capital that is outside of the M25.

The rural setting is fantastic and there is a lot of history in the area. It was a farming community and still holds many hallmarks of this agricultural history. On top of this the area is home to Stubbers, an outdoor pursuit centre that offers various types of watersports and other activities for adults and children alike.

Across the Essex boundary is South Ockendon. This village also has a lot of history and is great for a day out for people who live to the north. One of the most interesting features of the settlement is the round tower at the church. There are only six of these round towers in the whole county due to the lack of hard building stone. The 13th century one at South Ockendon has a number of attractive features.

One of the most interesting parts of the history of the south settlement regards sheep. In 1795 the king of Spain gave George III a flock of merino sheep. They were very valuable but sadly Windsor was not suited to them and resulted in a lot of sickness. A local South Ockendon farmer, Thomas Sturgeon, bought, nursed, and bred the sheep. Some were ultimately exported to Australia and became the foundation of their wool industry.

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