Richmond upon Thames struggles with Nimbyism

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A number of things can affect the number of homes that are built in an area. There are a number of restrictions in place, including lack of land and planning policies. In addition Nimbyism can come into play in many cases. This is when local people stand against plans because they don’t want them in their own area. It can be a huge problem and lead to the cancellation of entire projects.

The worst area in London

From January 2015 to the current date, an average of 86% of applications for planning permission got approval in London. In Richmond upon Thames though, it is just 31%, the lowest rate in the whole of the capital.

In the period just under 2,000 new homes have been proposed. The Council has seen plans for less than half of these properties and granted the small percentage. One large scheme for 320 homes did not get permission in 2016.

Why is it so tough to get permission?

There are several potential reasons why so many proposals fail in Richmond upon Thames. Firstly the area has a lot of Greenbelt land. Projects on it are unlikely to get permission. Developments nearby may also face rejection because they risk things like affecting the views and harming the character of the area.

In addition to the protections on the land, the area has an older demographic and a high number of wealthy home owners. There tends to be more opposition to plans from them because they want to protect the area and the value of their assets.

Thirdly, a number of plans fail due to pressure on the infrastructure. In suburban areas there is always concern about how new developments will affect things like doctors, schools, and even roads.

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