Richmond Upon Thames is a very wealthy area

In the last 12 months Richmond Upon Thames was the most popular area in the whole of London for spending on homes. According to data in the period £600million of housing wealth flowed into the area. This was the biggest total in any part of the capital.

The flow of wealth comes from people moving to the Borough from across the city. In addition a large number of people made the decision to move up the property ladder in the area. The latter reinforces the idea that Richmond Upon Thames has fantastic staying power and residents want to remain for the long term.

Interest in the properties is not only coming from within London though. The Borough is renowned for being home to highly regarded German and Swedish schools. As a result northern Europeans moving to the capital are drawn here. The easy access to Heathrow Airport is another big benefit of living in the area.

The problem for the Borough is a lack of housing stock. With high demand and an insufficient number of new builds, there is a lot of competition for the remaining properties. This pushes the prices up and means potential buyers need a decent budget.

Although property values are high the continued demands and low supply mean many investors look at them for long term gains. With good interest from renters who want to move to the area before trying to get on the market, there are tenants to take on the homes.

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