It’s a rewarding time for landlords

In 2014, the rental property market in London experienced the most significant growth in the UK, and a new outlook report predicts that the capital will remain at the front of the line throughout 2015.

We have seen significant recovery of the UK economy recently. When combined with lower levels of development, the balance between demand and supply has naturally shifted and is swinging in the favour of landlords, investors and developers. Although rental growth outside of London is not as healthy, we are definitely seeing many regional markets venturing out from hibernation and the forecast is that the UK rental market will perform well again over the next 12 months.

Population growth is a major contributor to the continuous demand for rental property. There are an increasing number of young professionals who are choosing to live in the inner city as opposed to the suburbs like generations before them. This, along with insufficient salaries and rising property prices has resulted in an influx of tenants seeking affordable and suitable London rental homes and the gentrification of many areas such as Brixton and Hackney.

Due to these factors, it is a potentially rewarding time for all landlords and investors and if you are seeking to enter the rental market or expand your portfolio we can help you with our range of exclusive management services. As a landlord we know that you want low maintenance reliable tenants. To ensure successful and trouble free tenancies it is important to provide safe and habitable homes. We provide property management in Wandsworth and all other London boroughs that is designed to ensure successful and stress-free tenancies for our clients.

We can provide this service for landlords who do not have the time to manage their properties or who simply wish to take a back seat with regard to management. Our guaranteed rent schemes mean that we take responsibility for every aspect, from placing appropriate tenants and taking care of your property to ensuring you receive your rental payments every month. Our schemes offer the assurance of an income from your investment without any of the daily responsibilities.

We help landlords and developers maximise on their investments and secure long term financial solutions. Whether you are purchasing a buy to let property, transforming a property into a B&B or HMO or seeking to enhance your existing portfolio, we are the preferred provider of comprehensive property services throughout London and beyond.