Revealing what lies beneath

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A recent study revealed what subterranean secrets exist in the basements of London’s residents. The research discovered nearly 381 wine stores, 456 cinemas, 376 pools, and 1,000 gyms. There are also 115 staff rooms, which include bedrooms for au pairs and nannies. The plans for these basements found approval between 2008 and 2017.

This study maps the schemes’ proliferations in Kensington and Chelsea, in addition to numerous other boroughs. It calculated that the total depth of every plan would be 15,289 metres. Such a figure is almost fifty times bigger than the shard’s height. The research merely includes those basements that gained planning permission under current properties. Builders created separate basements underneath new houses.

Where can you find the most basements?

Those streets that possess the greatest amount of basements with planning approval include Chelsea’s Tregunter Road with 22. Hamilton Terrace in St John’s Wood has 16. Some of these basements also extend to existing properties on Hamilton Close.

The most extreme projects include a Holland Park three-storey basement. In terms of amenities, there’s a gym, swimming pool, media room, plunge pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, and also a sauna.

It’s true that not everyone can afford houses with extras like these. However, the fact is that there are those than can. We can provide services for people looking for them.

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