Responsive repairs for the public sector

We are the company that local authorities across London to when they need help with a number of matters, from property management to providing properties that vulnerable inhabitants can use. From acting as lettings agents to council leasing in Brent and beyond, we can do it all.

One of our premier services is responsive repair. We can ensure that repairs are performed when and where they are needed, as well as carrying out maintenance whenever a property is damaged or in need of restoration or refurbishment. We provide these services to various local authorities across the capital, and they can be assured of a service that is professional and reliable.

Over time, properties can deteriorate through wear and tear or even deliberate damage. In the public sector, this issue is considerable as the comfort and safety of tenants has to be considered. Often, public sector housing is used by those who need inexpensive homes, which makes it vital to preserve their quality. We specialise in taking care of public sector housing, ensuring that all residents are living in suitable accommodation, and that means performing repairs and maintenance when they are needed the most.

We provide a 24/7 service in aid of public sector housing that is designed to ensure that no problems get out of hand. We can quickly identify problems and solve them with minimum disruption to the property or residents. When it comes to the actual repairs and maintenance, we personally hire skilled operatives, many of them skilled in multiple trades, to complete the work. This also allows us to take care of all problems within a single visit, meaning minimal disruption.

We operate a Repairs Charter which ensures all work is performed to stringent time limits, ensuring that our customers have their repairs finished as quickly as possible. Any repairs that are classified as urgent are ones that we strive to complete within 24 hours. With a 96% “excellent” success rate, the vast majority of our clients are pleased in the work that we do. We are proud to offer our services to a range of public sector clients across London, and always look forward to working with any new clients who need help from the experts when it comes to their properties.