A new report showcases private rental experiences of people in London

Earlier in October a report “What are London renters thinking?” was released. It detailed the anonymous rental experiences that people from across the capital have had in the private sector. It makes interesting reading, particularly looking at the complaints they had and the areas they are from. Landlords can learn a lot from the report, including some useful insights that could help them to improve the experience tenants have.

According to the data 53% of tenants in Enfield and Haringey had an issue with landlords entering properties without permission. This is in breach of the tenant’s rights and can cause big problems in their relationship. The stat is incredible, considering the average for the whole of the capital was 43%.

The report also showcased how important it is for landlords to keep on top of maintenance. Being slow to examine the property and provide repairs is a major cause of dissatisfaction amongst tenants. It can lead to tenancies not being extended and even put the tenants at risk of illness and injury in some cases.

At Finefair we know how important it is to create a good relationship between landlords and tenants. We strive to do this whenever we provide property management across Haringey and all of London. By providing the right standards of service we can not only boost tenant satisfaction; we can also ensure every property is kept in great condition, reducing repair bills in the process.

We have provided our services for many years and have the experience to prove it. Our longevity comes from the fact that we seek to provide the best benefits for all parties. By doing this we deliver fantastic value.

If you would like tips or want us to provide a comprehensive service tailored to your needs please contact us. We are confident you’ll be pleased with the results we produce and the value for money we offer.