The regeneration ripple effect reaches Catford

It is well known that regeneration work in an area can have a ripple effect, causing prices to rise in the immediate and surrounding areas. This is happening in Lewisham at the moment as a result of the work taking place there. Deptford and New Cross have already seen rises, becoming more attractive to first time buyers as a result. The next area to be affected is Catford.

There are a number of attractive selling points for Catford on top of the rising prices due to the regeneration work in Lewisham. Firstly it is located in Zone 3, promising frequent trains from two local stations. These can get you to Kings Cross in as little as thirty minutes.

One of the biggest selling points of Catford though is the homes on offer. The Edwardian style of architecture is prominent and provides some really big advantages. Most notably it means that properties tend to be larger than Victorian era ones. The homes generally sit further back from the road as well, reflecting the formerly rural nature of the setting. This also translates to larger gardens.

The town of Lewisham is proving to be one of the biggest boom areas in London. As a result prices are being driven up and many buyers are looking at properties in nearby areas where they can find more value for money. Catford falls into this category and is already attracting interest from buyers, investors, and developers.

At Finefair we provide a myriad of services in Catford and all across the Borough of Lewisham. We are flexible and tailor our approach to suit the specific requirements of each client. Our management services are particularly highly regarded amongst landlords and investors because they know we treat every property with the utmost care.

Block management in Lewisham is one service we have become renowned for. We provide it to ensure we can deliver the maximum value possible whilst simultaneously providing the highest standards and great convenience.

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