Redevelopment plans for Lambeth College have been submitted

One of the things people interested in property investment may look at is the access to education in an area. This is attractive to couples, families, students, and investors looking to let properties to this kind of tenants. Close proximity to good schools and universities can result in premiums on prices, potentially boosting the returns.

The news that Lambeth College has finalised planning submissions for the redevelopment of its Vauxhall site will be attractive to investors. If accepted the plans will see £100 million invested in the area to create a world class specialist skills centre. This will provide a high standard of training and education when it is completed.

The unique thing about the skills centre is that employers from several sectors including construction, hospitality, science, and technology will be invited to shape the curriculum. This is a wonderful approach and would allow businesses to take an active role in helping to create a skilled future workforce. In turn this could help to reduce skill shortages in an array of areas.

It is estimated that the skills centre could deliver in the region of 3,500 additional apprenticeships and an incredible 2,200 jobs too. Housing will be created in the area as part of the project and there will also be improvements in the public realm such as public spaces and infrastructure.

The plans are impressive and several consultations have been held with locals and employers to determine their requirements. This has helped to shape the proposals and ensure they tick the right boxes. It will be interesting to see what the local authority thinks and whether they grant permission.

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If the Lambeth College project goes ahead the area will become even more attractive for investment due to higher demands from all manner of buyers and renters. We will be on hand to provide advice and services to help.