Reasons to opt for council leasing

Council leasing is essentially choosing to hand over responsibility for property management and tenants to the local council, allowing them to use your property as a home for people on the housing register. There are various reasons why a property owner may choose to go down this route.

  • If a property owner is busy with other matters, or travelling away for a long period of time, their property may be left empty. Properties which are left empty may be vulnerable to vandals, intruders and squatters, which can lead to damage which you will need to rectify, potentially at great expense. With council leasing, you can be certain that the property is always occupied and is not simply going to waste.
  • The property will be managed by a professional team. It will be regularly maintained and any required repairs will be done for you, reducing your workload and giving you reassurance that your investment is being cared for.
  • You will be contributing towards easing the housing crisis and making sure that families and individuals from the housing register have a safe, comfortable property to live in.
  • You can be certain of receiving a monthly income from the property, giving you a certain degree of financial security.

We work closely with London borough councils on all matters relating to council leasing, and if you own a property which is in good condition and currently not in use, this could be a great option for you. We can help you through the entire process, from ensuring that your property is up to the required standards to be accepted for council leasing, up to completing the necessary paperwork. If you need help or advice on any matter relating to council leasing in Lambeth or any other part of the capital, give us a call so we can discuss your needs.