New protection for Tower Hamlets’ tenants

Private renting tenants in Tower Hamlets have been campaigning since 2014 to persuade the local council to take steps to protect them. This work will come to fruition on July 29th when a new town hall charter is unveiled.

The Tower Hamlets Private Renters’ Charter will give tenants who rent privately some of the same protections offered to council and social housing residents. For example they will be protected against discrimination, hidden surprises such as problems with homes, and illegal evictions.

The new rules will also help to improve the standard of housing in the private sector in the Borough. Landlords and managing agents will have to ensure that homes are free from damp and mould and ensure safety systems such as fire alarms and a carbon monoxide detector are in place. Additionally evidence that annual gas checks are done in line with regulations will need to be kept.

One of the big things that the charter does is ensure that fees have to be clearly stated both in offices and online. This means that tenants will be protected from unpleasant surprises such as finding themselves needing to come up with additional money to cover fees.

The charter is being backed by both the Residential Landlords Association and the Property Ombudsman. These bodies believe it will make it more difficult for rogue landlords to operate in the area and improve the reputation of the private rented sector.

The timing of the release of the new rules is fantastic. The population in Tower Hamlets is on the rise, adding an extra 74,000 residents in the next ten years. In addition the number of people living in private rented accommodation is at an all time high, totalling 40% of all housing in the Borough.

At Finefair we will be keeping up to date regarding the charter. It will be important reading for landlords, estate agents, managing agents, and prospective investors. As the number one for property management Tower Hamlets has, we will ensure we comply and support the local authority in driving up standards.

If you have any questions for us please get in touch.