Property trends to look out for this year

The property industry is constantly changing, especially in London, where property is always in demand. Developers are currently seeking prime up-and-coming London locations to make the best profit.

Here is some of our best advice if you are an investor looking to earn a large return on your investment in 2015.

New areas in the spotlight: Cambridge properties were the fastest selling in Britain last year, closely followed by Lewisham and Sutton. This year it is predicted that Brentford, Walthamstow, Royal Docks, and Tottenham to name a few will fall into the property spotlight. More prospective tenants are heading to the southern and eastern parts of London, so if you’re looking to invest, take a look into those parts of the city.

Rental villages: Over 50% of London’s citizens aged 25 to 35 believe that they will be renting for a long time. This is great news for developers and investors who wish to build or buy properties purposely for renting.

Small is in demand: Due to the large proportion of Londoners renting property, they are looking for somewhere affordable that will still allow them to build savings. As the price per square metre is higher than the rest of the UK’s average and space within the city is limited, many renters do not mind living in a smaller property with a lower price. “Compact” apartments and houses are also considered popular and modern, which means you’ll be able to gain a larger ROI.

Green homes: With the rising cost of gas, electricity and other utilities green homes are becoming more favourable. Invest in a property that is self-sufficient, or at least partly, and you’ll be able to attract additional interest.

For help with the latest trends and advice on how to get the highest return on your investment when dealing with London property, contact us. We are the leading lettings agent in Newham and the rest of the capital, and can help you to ensure that your property investment appeals to your potential tenants.