Is your property suitable for council leasing?

Many property investors find that leasing their property through a local council is the most practical option to suit their needs. However, if you go for this option, it is not guaranteed that your property will be accepted. You need to ensure that it is in adequate condition so that the council know they are providing people with safe, comfortable and practical places to live.

Each and every borough council will have its own unique requirements and regulations around council leasing, but in general terms, you need to consider these factors before putting your investment property forward for council leasing.

  • Make sure that the property is in general good repair, including kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings, and is water tight. A property that is in poor repair, is damp or has a leaking roof will not provide safe and suitable accommodation and will not be accepted, so ensure that all necessary maintenance and refurbishments are carried out.
  • Obtain an EPC (electrical safety certificate) to demonstrate that occupants are not at risk from old or faulty electrical installations. If rewiring or repairs are needed, have them done by a professional electrician.
  • Obtain a gas safety certificate. Landlords have a legal responsibility to make sure gas appliances and fittings are not posing a risk to tenants’ health.

We work across the whole of the capital and take an individual approach to each and every client we work with, so whether you need assistance with council leasing in Camden or any other borough, we are here to provide the help and support you need. With our knowledge of London’s property market and the various schemes available, we can help you to navigate the differences between the various councils and ensure you are living up to the required standards. If you have a property you think may be suitable for council leasing and need practical help and advice to get the process started, just get in touch.