Let your property to professionals who wish to work in the UK

When a company in Britain requires highly qualified individuals with specialist skills, they may look overseas to hire workers. Of course, this course of action means that a company needs to provide accommodation for their new workers. We specialise in finding well-located, high quality accommodation for these professionals. For investors who own property in Brent, with its extensive transportation links and wealth of local businesses, opening your property up to private letting can help you to reap a solid monthly income.

Our private and corporate lettings service ensures that you receive high calibre tenants for your property. Our service is designed specifically to provide both you and your tenants with a service that they can place their complete trust in. From the moment you sign up to our service, we will provide a comprehensive service that operates every day of the year. All management issues will be taken care of by our team, meaning that you don’t have to worry about handling day to day tasks. We work with many major corporate clients and tenants from across the world, and are versatile enough to handle all your needs.

We offer tenants a 24 hour concierge helpline, ensuring that all of their needs can be taken care of quickly, and carry out regular property inspections to ensure that accommodation never falls below acceptable standards. From moving in to moving out, from collecting rent to performing all relevant administration, we will work diligently to manage the property and ensure that the tenant remains comfortable. We will help them to relocate too, ensuring that the transition into the property is as smooth as possible.

Offering negotiable rates and professional management, our private lettings service will ensure that your property is put to good use. Given how many businesses call Brent their home, and the wide array of transport links, many businesses in London look to relocate their workers to the area. Simply call us today and our Brent lettings agent will discuss and implement our private lettings service for you.