Property management is vital to good returns

The importance of property management should never be underestimated, regardless of the status of the building. Whether it is inhabited or not care needs to be taken to maintain it and ensure the condition is retained. This can result in big savings in the long term, seeing properties experience less wear and deterioration.

When it comes to managing properties the most crucial thing is to ensure that everything runs smoothly. To ensure this occurs several things need to be done, including having suitable plans in place, keeping full records, and ensuring you work with the right professionals. From the manager to the tradesmen handling maintenance and repairs everything should meet the highest standards.

At Finefair we have extensive experience with property management, offering services to clients from every Borough including the City of Westminster. We understand the challenges that landlords face and strive to offer an effective solution that will deliver the maximum value. We use our experience and knowledge to achieve this.

One tip we always provide to landlords is to have contingency plans in place for every eventuality. This allows action to be taken quickly when an issue occurs, potentially resulting in big savings. It is a good idea to have a plan for what to do if there is a fire, if issues arise with tenants, and problems with things like flooding and damage to the building.

We also advise clients to have a protocol for addressing unhappy tenants. This is important because typically the happier the tenant the longer they will want to stay. If they are unsatisfied you can encounter all kinds of issues including late rent payments and poor care being shown to the property. A system should be in place where tenants can discuss issues and get solutions.

If you are considering outsourcing your property management and want a professional provider in London to help you please consider us. We have extensive experience and work hard to make sure that every property is managed effectively.