Properties outside London

Many local authorities in London are currently facing a challenging time. It seems as if the only option available might be to move tenants to different areas of the UK where housing is cheaper. Our role is to find new strategies which benefit tenants, landlords and housing authorities alike. This is why we are currently looking to obtain properties in the Midlands, where rents are far lower for the council than in the capital.

In most cases, the landlord will not be affected because the rents we offer are the highest compared to any other providers offering similar services. If you own properties situated in this part of the country, give us a call today and find out how we can help you to build successful relationships with your tenants and make optimum profit from your investments.

Looking for Guaranteed Rent in Birmingham, Guaranteed Rent in Midlands. Call Finefair Ltd on 0208 554 0500 to secure your rental income or alternatively email our team on We are now able to procure properties not just inside London..but outside to.