Preventing illegal subletting

Unauthorised subletting can be a huge problem for landlords, as it can not only cause damage to their valuable property investments but also result in legal and financial issues, breaching the terms of your mortgage and invalidating your insurance. In certain cases, it may even result in fines and prison sentences. This means you need to take every step to protect yourself from this eventuality.

New research from the National Landlords Association (NLA) has revealed that almost half of UK tenants who sublet are doing so without the permission of their landlord. One of the reasons for this escalating problem is that many landlords simply do not have the time to keep a close eye on their properties and manage them effectively, which can result in a loss of control over their investments and leave them unaware of what their tenants are doing.

It is crucial that rental properties are well managed and monitored so you can be certain that the residents are abiding by the terms of their tenancy agreement. This is why the services of a professional management company are so valuable.

We can provide full and professional property and estate management in Lambeth and throughout the rest of the London boroughs, ensuring that all aspects of your property are taken care of. With regular inspections and support for tenants, we will ensure that no illegal subletting is taking place, protecting you from the many risks of this practise. You can have complete confidence in our ability to defend you from undesirable legal and financial issues, as we have extensive experience in this area.

We can also ensure that tenancy agreements cover all important matters and include all necessary clauses, so that tenants are fully aware of the fact that they need to seek your permission before subletting and know that they will face consequences if they breach this.