Potential new rules for developers in the City Plan

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A new City Plan

Westminster City Council is currently working on a new city plan. While it was expected to be ready in the autumn, it only recently got to the consultation stage. This will run until 21st December. The plan could therefore come into force late in 2019.

One of the most important topics to discuss is the potential changes in Westminster between 2019 and 2040. The area could see wholesale change as a result of Brexit. This is because it is currently a hotspot for business and tourism. Exit from the EU could potentially affect this. It is vital to plan for each eventuality.

What could happen?

The GLA estimation is that 75,000 office jobs may be necessary in the area. This would put huge additional pressure on space. It could also result in a change to planning policies.

In addition to offices the area would need new commercial floorspace such as leisure facilities and hotels. Without them it would be difficult to sustain the higher number of people working in and visiting the area.

Affordable housing

While the need for office and commercial space could be paramount, housing would still be a necessity. This would create even more challenges for planners and developers.

One thing the new City Plan looks at is ensuring that developments make allowances for affordable housing. Smaller projects could do this by contributing to the council’s development fund. Larger projects may need to build homes on the site or stick to areas where housing is not viable.

You can download the draft of the City Plan on the City of Westminster website.

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